Longevity Zone
Coming Soon to Winter Haven Florida!

Welcome to Our Newest Venture, The Longevity Zone!
Coming Soon to Winter Haven Florida!

Just what IS Longevity?

Life expectancy of an American born today averages 78.2 years; and many of those last years are spent in hospital, on drugs and often in a mentally impaired state.  But this year, over 70,000 Americans, many of them living in our only 'Blue Zone', have reached their 100th birthday. Not ONLY reach 100, but are Thriving on their 100th birthday and looking forward to many ACTIVE, Healthy years ahead! What are they doing that the average American isn’t (or won’t?)?

Well for one thing they do NOT eat the Standard American Deadly Diet and limit consumption of meat, fish, dairy and eggs.  Many omit all four from their diet but have plenty of stamina, energy, mental acuity and zest for LIFE.

I know WE are looking forward to a long Healthy ACTIVE life well beyond 100.  Target: 130!  Think I’m crazy?  Well at 72 I’m in a pretty good position to make or exceed my goals. After all, I’m only ‘middle age’ from this perspective!

What do WE do differently than most Americans?  We haven’t eaten ANY meat, fish, diary, eggs or GMO contaminated 'food' in 9 years and we are healthier NOW than when we were in our 30's; go figure.  Nancy and I are ACTIVE in our promoting of a Plant Based Lifestyle; just ask us!  We love to hike and travel.  Call us, visit one of our many web sites and Live LONG and Prosper!

Our First Longevity Zone

The 'Blue Zones' that currently exist were not built on purpose; they just happened by the accident of cultural lifestyle.  No one purposefully set out to develop this are of health, wellness and longevity.  While this is a wonderful fact that we CAN live long, healthy lives, we need to examine and create a model that can be repeated in other areas of Our Country.  There are even improvements that we can make in the structure, diretion and diet that may exceed the existing 'Blue Zone' longevity profile.  After all, even the 'Blue Zones' are not created equal and many vary in lifestyle, dietary and philosophical outlook.

What WE would like to do is to create a model that can be easily duplicated anywhere in the USA (and elsewhere) that will "Restoring America's Health"!  We have begun with our first book but plan a series to expand on our initial efforts.  We will be relocating to Winter Haven Florida, a somewhat rural community in the Central Florida orange groves.  We found it difficult to get people focused on improving their heatlh in the hustle/bustle of Orlando.

We will be developing this site as we get better organized and begin our promotional activities.  Our first community, Traditions, is just South of Highway 27 in Winter Haven.  If you currently live there, we hope to meet you in the near future!

You Can be Healthy!
You Can Live a Long and Vibrant life!
We will show you how!
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