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Why Whole Foods?  Why the number '4'?  Why Healthy Living?
Well, the answers are pretty simple.  Whole Foods are complete with all the nutritional goodness that we as humans need to thrive, not just survive. The number '4' is for the four things we avoid: Meat, Fish, Dairy and Eggs.  When you eliminate these you get a Healthy Living lifestyle supported by delicious Whole Food Plant-Based Cuisine that allows you to enjoy tasty, inexpensive, as well as nutritious/healthy, meals that will promote wellness and longevity.
Who We Are

We are Chef Nancy and Skip Stein and form the foundation of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  Our  company serves to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle with Plant Based Whole Food Cuisine.  We offer counseling, training and seminars, not only in Orlando, but just about anywhere.  We make frequent Road Trips to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle and offer to lecture, present and counseling to individuals and organizations along their way.

At Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living (https://wf4hl.com), we provide nutrition lifestyle training for those people seeking to improve/maintain their health, reverse disease and, above all, enjoy delicious meals. We help those moving toward a more plant-based diet and lifestyle. Our Chef Nancy (https://chefnancystein.com) has been selected as one of the top 9 Best Cooking Teachers in Orlando for 2018 & 2019.  Nancy is Certified in Plant Based Nutrition by Cornell University.  We also have been Certified by WFPB (https://wfpb.org), for whole food, plant-based, vegan and sustainable products, services and business organizations.